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Type A-2: Good Wear 27753
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Type A-2: Good Wear W535-ac-27753

No-Name 27753 Type A-2 Jacket » Russet horsehide W535-AC-27753

This jacket is based on an unknown A-2 maker with the contract number W535-ac-27753. The maker was most likely Cable Raincoat Co. of Boston, MA, as the details are identical to other contracts by Cable Raincoat Co.

The pattern is the most comfortable fitting of all that we make, with large wide shoulders, large arm holes, roomy arms, and a roomy body. It's not a baggy pattern, but looks smart. It was good enough for MacArthur, who wore one during the Korean War (use Google/Life Magazine to see huge photos) and everyone who has tried on our pattern agrees that the fit is fantastic and easy to wear.

Details of this contract:
  • russet horsehide/cowhide
  • easy fitting torso and wide shoulders
  • slightly rectangular pockets with straight angles to the flap
  • mustard lining and usually light reddish thread color
  • Original 1940s Rau Fastener snaps
  • mid-brown knits
  • bell Talon and Conmar zippers
This jacket is of a wide and easy design, and is a great starter A-2 pattern.

»  Click here for photographs of a size 46 Good Wear W535-ac-27753 A-2 made with semi-aniline dull russet brown horsehide.

Available sizes: 36 – 48 only.

A-2 27753 jacket: horsehide $1,549.00 USD
A-2 27753 jacket: cowhide $1,449.00 USD
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