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Type A-2: Bronco MFG Corp.
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Type A-2: Bronco MFG. Corp.

Bronco Type A-2 Jacket » Russet horsehide Bronco

» Russet goatskin Bronco

The jackets made by Bronco MFG. Co. of New York are very well known among collectors. They have a distinctive design, with beveled pocket corners, wide square shoulders, and tight sleeve tops. Originals came in goatskin and horsehide, and these leathers are available from Good Wear Leather.

We have been able to take apart a rough original to get our pattern as accurate as possible.

The body and sleeves of Broncos are slender, while some have large sleeve ends. The design works best with fairly slender people, and as with any leather jacket, wearing it often will make the leather more and more comfortable.

The shoulders are wide and very square, which gives this contract a strong, athletic look. One can easily see the similarities between Broncos and United Sheeplined A-2s, as both companies were in the family of Isaac Spiewak (as was I. Spiewak & Sons, another A-2 maker).

Details of this contract:
  • russet or seal horsehide/goatskin/cowhide
  • slightly snug fitting torso and wide shoulders
  • slender arms at the top
  • quarter-inch top stitching around body seams
  • beveled pocket corners
  • dull brown lining and usually medium brown or light OD green thread color
  • throat clip has dimple, and double-barrel black closures
  • small line 20 ring snaps
  • leather hanger strap is either bar-tack stitched or box-stitched
  • mid-brown knits
  • bell Talon and Crown zippers
This jacket is of a very slender and athletic design.

»  Click here for photographs of a size 44 Bronco MFG. Co. A-2 made with russet brown horsehide.

Available sizes: 36 – 48 only.

A-2 Bronco jacket: horsehide $1,549.00 USD
A-2 Bronco jacket: goatskin $1,449.00 USD
A-2 Bronco jacket: cowhide $1,449.00 USD
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