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How to Order

We appreciate you considering Good Wear Leather as a source for vintage leather jacket reproductions. Our hope is that our process of ordering a jacket will be both easy and fun, and that you'll want to buy more jackets from us over time. Our greatest strength in getting this right will be communication. We've provided some information below and by talking with you, we should be able to start and complete an order of a jacket that you'll enjoy.

Once you've gone through the selection of jackets we have, we would like to talk with you about the fit you prefer. Each contract is slightly different in how it fits, and different body types will have a better experience with certain patterns. Just the same, we are able to adjust any pattern to fit well.

We'll note what jacket you want, and then we can determine the details. Rather than offering only stock jacket designs, we are flexible and willing to alter our standard patterns to reflect design differences seen historically within a contract.

Leather choice is important, and the price will be affected as our cowhide costs less than goatskin or horsehide. If a zipper is provided by the customer, a discount will be applied to the price of the jacket of $30. In some cases, we are willing to create details like lining pockets or apply patches, but jackets with this type of work are non-returnable.

Choice of leather: Cost per jacket:
A-2 jacket: horsehide $1,549.00 USD*
A-2 jacket: goatskin $1,449.00 USD*
A-2 jacket: steerhide $1,449.00 USD*
A-1 jacket: domestic capeskin $1,299.00 USD*
B-6 jacket: 1/4" shearling $1,549.00 USD*
D-1 jacket: 1/4" shearling $1,549.00 USD*
B-3 jacket: 3/4" shearling $1,749.00 USD*
M-444 jacket: 1/4" shearling $1,749.00 USD*
M-422, M-422A, AN-6552, G-1 $1,899.00 USD*
Californian series $1,549.00 USD*

Vintage WWII Zippers

We have been able to find a small number of original WWII zippers that are in usable condition—this is a good and rare thing.

  • Talon Zippers: $120.00 each.

  • Conmar Zippers: $150.00 each.

  • Crown Zippers (sorry - no longer available).

Reproduction zippers, which are standared if a WWII zipper is not chosen, are free with each jacket.


Shipping with the Continental U.S.:
$45.00 USD—parcels will ship via USPS Priority Mail with insurance and delivery confirmation.

Shipping to nations and states outside of the Continental U.S.:
$95.00 USD—parcels will be shipped via Express Mail, which will have a tracking number and insurance for the total cost of the jacket.

Total price

The total cost of a jacket will be the leather choice, zipper choice (if other than a reproduction zipper), and shipping. Only residents of Washington State will have a tax applied. (Tax rate is location-based and is determined by shipping address.)

We're able to take major credit cards, checks, money orders (international as well) and PayPal.

Order one of our jackets now!

Once you have read through our choices and know what jacket and other details you want, you can place an order through our web form. You will receive an email with the details of your order once the form is submitted. We will use this information to build your jacket. This form is only for jacket choices and details, and deposits or payments must be done through email afterwards by contacting us.

    » Click here to place an order

Order deposits

We ask that customers place a deposit on all orders. Due to the long wait time, we ask for a $200.00 deposit up-front with the remaining balance due upon completion. (Sorry, we are not set up to accept payments during the waiting period). Please contact us to find out more.

Delivery time

Right now, we're running around 12-14 months for delivery after deposit payment is received. This may seem like a very long wait, but we only have one operator making the jackets, and high quality is far more important than speed. Suppliers we have for horsehide and goatskin often take unknown amounts of time to produce what we need, so we ask for your patience. We want you to be truly satisfied.


We will be able to take returns only on jackets that were made incorrectly. Since each of our jackets are of a custom nature, it's important that the customer know what they want before a jacket is made. We will make every effort to ensure we know what to make before starting a jacket, and this should match what a customer wants.

If there is an inaccuracy in the jacket received, please contact us for a Return Authorization Number, and a new jacket or refund will be available. The RAN must be requested within 5 days of receiving the jacket, and the jacket returned within 5 days of having the RAN. Our concern is that each customer be happy with what they have, and we also must cover our business model.

Any jackets that are worn, have signs of use, or have been altered after a customer has received it, and other such alterations will negate the ability to return a jacket. Only jackets in new condition will be approved for return.

* Our current prices reflect the cost of available leather. If at some point the cost of our leather increases, our prices will reflect this difference, but we will strive to keep stability in pricing to the best of our ability.

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