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  Californian Racer
  M-422 Monarch
  AN-6552 Bogen

About our Jackets

During the production run of the Type A-2 jacket in the 1930s and 1940s, each contractor had their own interpretation of the details of their jackets. Of course these jackets had all the required parts, but the general shape of each of those parts was in the control of the contractor. Early jackets were all made with collar stands, but at some point close to the U.S. joining WWII, some contractors chose to use the simple collar design.

Our goal is to smoothly copy the fine points of each contract we reproduce. It's rather amazing to see how different the products are from one maker to another...a Rough Wear and a Doniger are two very different designs, and we want our jackets to equally show these differences. The pockets, the collars, the shape of each body panel, and many other points need to be unique for each reproduction.

The same is true of lining colors, knit colors, and all too importantly, the maker label. We copy the same typeface and line height of each character on the labels, as much as our label vendors will allow for. We make different pocket tags for each contract as well, and AN stamps that match (or no AN stamp for those earlier contracts that don't have them).

Conversely, if a customer wishes to have a part that's not standard to a contract be added to their jacket, we're able to accommodate this. One common request is that typical brown knits be used on jackets like Aero or Dubow, which both frequently used knits of stronger color.

We have many different zipper choices. We have reproduction Talons, and then original WWII Talons, WWII Crowns, and WWII Conmars. The reproduction Talons are free, but the NOS (new old stock) zippers each have a price. Please inquire about availability and price, as we often have sources but can't guarantee the long term supply of any NOS WWII zipper.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We'd be happy to let you know what's available and possible.

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